Monday, 8 April 2013

5 Reasons to Make Your Next Online Purchase with NoMoreRack

NoMoreRack is a leading online retailer. There are a lot of options in the world of online shopping, but no one can beat the deals that NoMoreRack has to offer! NoMoreRack is committed to finding the most stylish and fashion forward products, buying at a great price, and then passing the savings along to you. Check out the deals at and start saving today. Here are a few of the reasons that NoMoreRack stands apart from their competition.

1. Incredible Savings. NoMoreRack is dedicated to finding the best prices on merchandise. You will never pay a retail price when you shop at NoMoreRack. In fact, prices at NoMoreRack are 50-80% off retail every day. Because of the incredible savings, some quantities are limited. It is important to shop often at NoMoreRack so you never miss out on a great deal.

2. FriendRack program. NoMoreRack offers customers great free prizes just for spreading the word about their terrific deals. The FriendRack program is a way to refer friends to the NoMoreRack experience. When you register you are given a unique referral link. Just post the link to your Facebook or Twitter account and let your friends know just how great NoMoreRack is. When your friends register you get a credit. Save your credits and redeem them for fantastic prizes that are featured on the NoMoreRack homepage.

3. Product Guarantee. All products sold from NoMoreRack have a 100% guarantee of authenticity. NoMoreRack has to make that statement because the prices are too good to believe.
4. Exceptional Customer Service. Customer service is a top priority at NoMoreRack. Customer service representatives are available to assist customers with questions and concerns twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The NoMoreRack homepage features a FAQ section that gives answers to some of customers most frequently asked questions.

5. Helps Support Philanthropy. NoMoreRack engages in generous philanthropic efforts. NoMoreRack encourages customers to get involved in the philanthropic program by offering Charity Deals. When a customer buys a featured Charity Deal a portion of that sale goes directly to a featured not-for-profit. NoMoreRack selects a different charity every month to be the recipient of a generous gift from NoMoreRack and their customers.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Benefits of the FriendRack Program from NoMoreRack

NoMoreRack is an online retailer that offers brand named merchandise at incredibly discounted prices. NoMoreRack is able to offer products for sale at 50-80% off the retail price. All products sold by NoMoreRack carry a 100% guarantee of authenticity. The products available on NoMoreRack are chosen for their style and quality. The team at NoMoreRack is constantly looking for emerging trends, and they translate that knowledge into their product line. NoMoreRack is very selective about the products they feature.

In addition to incredible prices NoMoreRack also offers their customers the ability to save even more through their FriendRack program. The FriendRack program rewards customers that share the great NoMoreRack experience with their friends. Customers are encouraged to invite their friends to join the online NoMoreRack community. As an incentive NoMoreRack offers amazing free prizes for referrals.

Referring friends to NoMoreRack is really simple. Visit the NoMoreRack homepage. Find the section called FriendRack, click and get started, there are just four simple steps. You can invite your friends by using the referral link. Each referral link is unique so it is easy for NoMoreRack to give you credit for the referrals that you make. Next, use Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media option to let your friends know about NoMoreRack. Many customers call their friends too so they can tell them about the great NoMoreRack deals. Finally, your friends just need to register using your unique referral link at Now you are ready to start tracking your friend tally. You will quickly be able to translate those friend referrals into great prizes.

Sometimes customers are concerned about their friends receiving spam emails if they register with NoMoreRack. NoMoreRack cares about the privacy of their customers. NoMoreRack only sends emails to subscribed customers that highlight the Daily Deals available. Additionally, NoMoreRack always gives their customers the option to unsubscribe to company emails simply by clicking the unsubscribe link that is found at the bottom of every email.

NoMoreRack is committed to spreading the word about their incredible deals. The FriendRack program is a great way to help your friends find out about a great online retailer and earn prizes for yourself.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

NoMoreRack Promotes the Use of Social Media

As an online retailer, NoMoreRack understands the enormous importance of the internet in today's society. NoMoreRack is a huge supporter of social media. NoMoreRack utilizes many social media outlets to spread the word about their company and the incredible deals they have to offer customers. You can find NoMoreRack on such social media outlets as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tumblr.

NoMoreRack is truly grateful for the loyalty of their customers. Many customers take to the social media soapbox to share with friends and others the philosophy behind the NoMoreRack online site. NoMoreRack finds incredible deals on high quality brand named items. NoMoreRack purchases items directly from a manufacturer, a licensed importer, a licensed agent, or a retailer. That is how NoMoreRack is able to offer a 100% guarantee of authenticity on all the products that they sell. NoMoreRack negotiates directly with the distributor and eliminates the middleman, passing those savings directly to the customer. Products sold through NoMoreRack are offered at 50-80% off their retail price.

Customers who have tried shopping with NoMoreRack are consistently impressed. These customers are so excited that they often share their positive experience through an online social media site. NoMoreRack is touched by these stories of customers enjoying the great deals they got through the site. The praise expressed via social media sites has enabled NoMoreRack to continue to expand and grow.

NoMoreRack is active on the social media site Facebook. NoMoreRack's Facebook page highlights posts made by others. Their page also has a giveaway contest that features really great prizes. Entering the contest is simple and just requires that you "like" the NoMoreRack Facebook page. The contest has included prizes of a .10 carat white diamond calla lily ring set in sterling silver, and a women's Wonderlust double wrap watch. The Facebook page for NoMoreRack also highlights Daily Deals and announces the start of special events. Customers are able to keep up with all the latest news by checking in with NoMoreRack on Facebook.

NoMoreRack also has an extensive Pinterest page. Pinterest is an online site for sharing images of just about anything. Members "pin" their favorites onto virtual boards that followers can view. NoMoreRack is a company that recognizes and embraces the power of social media.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Products Available Through NoMoreRack

NoMoreRack offers an incredible variety of products for sale through their online site. All products sold by NoMoreRack are guaranteed to be 100% authentic.

NoMoreRack has to make the statement regarding authenticity because customers can't believe the deals that NoMoreRack is able to offer on name brand and designer items. NoMoreRack is able to offer brand named apparel and accessories for 50-80% off retail prices. NoMoreRack is certain that once customers see the great deals they can access through their online site, they will never shop retail again. 

NoMoreRack finds the best prices on items, keeps overhead to a minimum, and then passes the savings along to the customer. NoMoreRack does all this while adhering to strict in-house standards regarding quality and style. All merchandise sold through NoMoreRack comes from one of the following sources: the manufacturer, a retailer, a licensed importer or a licensed agent. Because NoMoreRack carefully tracks the origin of each product that they sell, they are able to offer a 100% guarantee of authenticity for each item.

NoMoreRack divides their online inventory into seven main categories. These categories include: Women, Men, Home, Electronics, Kids, Lifestyle, and Jewelry. Each category offers an amazing variety of high quality, sought after products. The category of Women includes stylish apparel and accessories as well as health and beauty products. The Men category highlights apparel and accessories as well as grooming items and fragrances. The Kids category features apparel and accessories as well as an incredible selection of toys. Lifestyle focuses on fantastic appliances and accessories geared to the well appointed home. The Electronic category offers great deals on some of the most trendy and innovative electronics and gadgets for the home, as well as many electronic accessory items. The Jewelry category is the place to browse for unbelievable deals on jewelry that is available in both traditional and contemporary styles.

NoMoreRack's online site also has an Events heading. Under this heading you can find the deals that are so big they require their own category! This part of the NoMoreRack shopping site highlights events that are only available for a very limited time. Some of the recent events hosted by NoMoreRack include: The Best of as Seen on TV, a Deluxe Designer Handbag Boutique, the Cuisinart Kitchen Bash, the Designer Fragrance Collection, and the Ray Ban Designer Sunglasses Sale.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Philanthropy Advocate: NoMoreRack

NoMoreRack is an online retailer that specializes in selling brand name and high quality products. All products sold by NoMoreRack are guaranteed to be 100% authentic. NoMoreRack knows the importance of giving their customers great deals. NoMoreRack also knows the importance of giving back to not-for-profit organizations and the communities in which they operate. NoMoreRack sponsors a company-wide program called Charity Deal. The purpose of the Charity Deal program is to provide funds to worthwhile charities.

The Charity Deal program is a proud accomplishment of NoMoreRack. The program is funded through the sale of Charity Deal designated items. Each day a different item is pegged as a Charity Deal. Shoppers who purchase the Charity Deal of the day along with NoMoreRack help to provide funding to a worthwhile charity organization. NoMoreRack selects a different charity monthly to be the recipient of the funds raised through the Charity Deal program.

Past recipients of the Charity Deal program have nothing but praise for the generosity of NoMoreRack and its customers. Runway to Hope is a recipient of a donation from NoMoreRack. Runway to Hope is a non-profit organization located in Orlando, Florida that provides direct support to the families of children suffering from pediatric cancer. Runway to Hope aids families of children struggling with cancer through technology, education, research, and direct assistance to families. NoMoreRack supports the efforts of the Runway to Hope organization and recently made a cash donation to their Spring Fashion Soiree.

NoMoreRack also made a recent donation to the not-for-profit group The Rose. The Rose is a non-profit organization dedicated to the eradication of breast cancer, located in Houston, Texas. The organization provides a variety of services including: mammography screenings, diagnosis, and treatment, and support all regardless of an individual's ability to pay. NoMoreRack collected $1 from every Charity Sale for a month to donate to this worthy cause.

The organization First Book is another recipient of the philanthropic efforts of NoMoreRack's Charity Deal program. NoMoreRack was able to make the generous donation of one book for every Charity Deal item sold. First Book is an organization that provides books to students in need. First Book, through donations from companies like NoMoreRack, has been able to distribute over 100 million books nationwide.

Friday, 15 March 2013

NoMoreRack - Awesome Online Deals

NoMoreRack is a favorite online shopping site of many customers. NoMoreRack offers incredible deals to its customers. Customers are consistently shocked by the huge savings that NoMoreRack has to offer. The NoMoreRack philosophy starts with finding the best deals on high quality brand named merchandise.

NoMoreRack arranges all purchases through the manufacturer, a licensed agent, a licensed importer, or a retailer. There is never a third party involved. That helps NoMoreRack keep costs low. NoMoreRack then passes along the savings to the customer. NoMoreRack is able to offer a wide variety of merchandise at 50-80% off the retail price. NoMoreRack also stands behind all of their products with a guarantee that all items are 100% authentic. NoMoreRack has prices that are hard to match in the realm of online shopping.

Shopping with NoMoreRack is simple and fun. Their website is easy to navigate. All items are organized into categories, so searching for the perfect handbag, toy, duvet cover, or fragrance is easy. NoMoreRack has clearly organized all of their merchandise into seven categories. NoMoreRack is a great resource for finding the best deals on a multitude of products. NoMoreRack is a visual paradise where all of the items for sale are shown via a high quality image. 

The website provides detailed information about each item. This helps the customer make informed choices about what they are purchasing. The website also shows the retail price for each item along with the percentage of savings that the NoMoreRack price reflects. Customers are always amazed by the savings that NoMoreRack is able to offer them.

Another great feature of the online retailer NoMoreRack is their commitment to great customer service. NoMoreRack is able to offer a customer service department that is ready to assist customers twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. If a customer has a question or concern, a customer service representative is only an email away. Customer service is key to the success of NoMoreRack, and customer issues are always addressed in a timely and professional manner.
The NoMoreRack website also features a FAQ section that addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about NoMoreRack. NoMoreRack gives customers the option of creating a personalized account. Establishing an account makes purchasing items through NoMoreRack fast and simple. Because some deals at NoMoreRack involve limited quantities is it a good idea to have an account set up to be able to scoop up deals quickly. Setting up an account gives you email access to the NoMoreRack Daily Deals. Email notifications will ensure that you are always up to speed on what incredible deals NoMoreRack has to offer. Deals are updated daily at NoMoreRack. New deals hit the website at 12 noon EST and are available until the next day morning at 11:59 EST. Evening deals premier at 6 pm EST.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Nomorerack Has Quality Guarantee

Everyone wants to be satisfied with their purchases, and Nomorerack wants their customers to be happy with their purchases, as well. While Nomorerack can't help people who suffer from buyer's remorse, they are more than happy to help customers when a product they ordered arrives damaged or if they receive the wrong order altogether. In addition to customer's receiving quality products, Nomorerack only wants to buy quality products.

It is very important to the company that customers not be deceived by cheap imitations. Nomorerack wants to provide 100% legitimate products to their customers, and does so by buying legitimate name brand merchandise. The authenticity of their products are very important to the company, and that is why the products Nomorerack sells come directly from the manufacturer, a licensed agent, a retailer, or a licensed importer. 

One of the questions Nomorerack has received numerous times about some clothing products is about labels. Customers wonder why some clothing labels have lines through them. The reason is that Nomorerack buys overstocked or closeout merchandise from retailers. The retailer marks the tag to prevent customers from buying the discounted item through Nomorerack and trying to return it to the store for a refund. It is the retailer's way of protecting themselves, and Nomorerack hopes customers won't mind the tags in light of the incredible discounts that they receive. 

That being said, Nomorerack only has limited quantity of products. For this reason, Nomorerack cannot accept exchanges because they won't have the products available to exchange. They do accept returns but have a very strict return policy that customers should be aware of before they make a purchase. Nomorerack hopes all customers will be satisfied with their products. The company shoots for quality and style and wants all their customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchases.